Wonderful Hijab Wearing Styles

tha Wonderful Hijab Wearing Styles

The most funky and new hijab wearing styles is what we will be looking at today. There are so many ideas and images to draw inspiration from. I have come across a new local hijabi which I just discovered and somehow I had a feeling she was South African, just by looking at her face! Weird right? But I saved her image and immediately checked out her blog and went to the About section and turns out she’s from Johannesburg, which is close to home! I will be featuring her funky hijab styles too so be on the lookout. If you are looking for further browsing pleasure, do look at our previous article here.

Amazing Hijab Wearing Styles

Each time I search for new hijab wearing styles to share with you I always think I won’t find anything new to share, since it is such a popular search and how can hijab styles be updated so quickly over such a short timespan. Well, I was clearly wrong, as I found new hijab wearing styles for you to view today and they have never been seen before. I would absolutely hate to share a style with you which I have previously showed you. So, finding these new styles made me so excited, as I get to share them with you and we both get to learn some interesting new styling tips and tricks.

Turban Hijab Wearing Styles

I don’t know why, but I still don’t actually wear the turban style. I guess most of my tops have wide neck and the front wrap covers it and in summer it’s too hot to wear multiple layers just so that you can wear a turban style. What I also found is that the turban style makes you even hotter, as your neck and face tends to burn in the summer heat, especially while driving. I don’t go for 10 minute drives to the shop and back, but 1 hour drives to work and back, so that’s 2 hours of direct sun exposure. I find the turban undesirable for this reason. But of course I wear the style for special occasions like weddings, parties and Eid, when I want to wear my jewellery and look different to my normal every day look.

Images of Turban Hijab Wearing Styles

Images of Turban Hijab Wearing Styles

Oh wow, this look is so glamourous with the faux fur and bag. The front knot turban style is a prominent feature online when searching for new styles. have you tried it yet? I haven’t and I’m burning to do a tutorial on it.


I love the bag and the spikes on it!!! Oh, I want it!!! Here she wears a leopard print hijab in a front knot.

Images of Turban Hijab Wearing Styles

South African Blogger With Her Hijab Wearing Style

Here is the blogger I was speaking of with her funky hijab wearing styles.

The Front Wrap Hijab Wearing Style

The Front Wrap Hijab Wearing Style

The Front Wrap Hijab Wearing Style

Wow, this is a well thought out outfit and the colour shades are so soft and feminine. The wide legged pants is so pretty and the flowing hijab style matches it so well.

The Front Wrap Hijab Wearing Style The Front Wrap Hijab Wearing Style

More Hijab Wearing Styles

More Hijab Wearing Styles More Hijab Wearing Styles

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