Wonderful Hijab Styles That Covers The Face

Ever wondered how to cover the face and which hijab should be used? Well, today we will find out how to cover the face with hijab. Hijab has been worn by Muslim women for centuries. It has become global very recently and the awareness of hijab is relatively new, as most westerners till today ask me why I wear it. we will look at the different styles available for the niqab. The niqab is the hijab which covers the face and commonly worn in Eastern countries. This does not mean it is only limited to eastern countries, they are worn in western countries too. I do see an increasing amount of niqabi wearers here in Cape town, South Africa. For more on niqab styling, click here.

Cover Your Face With Hijab

Many women mostly cover their face with black hijab which is the easiest, as it is readily available when you purchase your abaya and doesn’t require any extra effort of purchasing. We  will have a look at some simplistic and intricate ways to cover your face using hijab. Draw some inspiration from the fancy styles for weddings, Eid etc.

Black Hijab Face Cover in Simple Styles

hijab that covers face

Here we see the standard niqab which is ready-made and purchased with the abaya. She adds earrings above her niqab to add style and accessories to the all-black look.

hijab that covers face

This is also an abaya look with a different hijab used for the niqab style. This can be worn to weddings or special occasions, like Moulood etc.

hijab that covers face

Another simple style using a black pashmina and earring as a tikka. What makes this look interesting is actually her eye make-up. Since your eyes are the only part of your face which is left revealed, many niqabi wearers draw attention to it by wearing lots of eye make-up. I’m not sure whether I agree with this or not, but to each their own. It looks very beautiful.

hijab that covers face

This is the common Arabian style. I hardly see niqabi wearers here with a transparent niqab, but I do see them predominantly in niqabi photos online. How do you wear your niqab? I would love to know if you too wear the transparent niqab.

Colourful Hijab Which Covers Your Face

Colourful niqabs are great for special occasions. You wear black everyday and want to look different. Why would you wear a black hijab to cover your face with a fancy dress to a wedding? That would be wasted effort on finding your perfect outfit. Let’s look below on some wonderful ideas for your niqab for fancy dress parties.

hijab that covers face

A pashmina is a quick way to turn your simple outfit into something fancy. Pashminas always contain exquisite designs on them and are available in colours you would never think of wearing. They always make and outfit stand out from the crowd. Wear it with a head chain and you are sure to have a winner.

hijab that covers face

Coincidently, I have another red niqab style to share. Here, all the design and detail is on the scarf itself.

Hijab Face Cover For Weddings

hijab that covers face

hijab that covers face

Face Cover For The Bride

Niqab Styles 2016

hijab that covers face hijab that covers face



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