Wonderful and New Kurta Styles For Ladies

EGO Winter Designs Ladies Kurta Collection 2015 2016 29 Wonderful and New Kurta Styles For Ladies

Latest Kurta Styles For Ladies Collection 2017-2018

Want to see new kurta styles for girls? I have featured kurta styles previously and those were more of the traditional Indian and Pakistani kurta styles. Today I found the modern kurta styles. Modern styles are often the search by modern young women. These might not look eastern but if you look at the neck designs and the cut of the tops, you will know it’s  a kurta style. I chose these kurta styles because they are so different and thought you might find it quite interesting and love it. Wait, let me provide you with a link to one of our previous articles, click here.

Kurta Styles For Young Girls

I will feature kurta styles for young girls  here so look at some amazing designs. let me know if you will wear these modern styles.

kurta styles

This is a plain and simple kurta style which has embroidery running down the back of her body. Normally, you would have it run down the front. I don’t think I like the embroidery ending so low down the back as your eyes flow down the pattern, if you know what I mean! The thing that makes modern styles different to the traditional ones is that they are less detailed and have less embroidery and beading on the tops.


This is super modern. The over-sized top is very fashionable with the little scarf type detail with the front knot. The colour is very fashionable too. I think wearing heels  with  a kurta top makes your look more classy. Normally in India and Pakistan, kurta tops are worn with the traditional pants. But in the western world, as seen above, girls like to wear the kurta top with leggings or jeggings. If you aren’t someone who wears fitted pants, you could also wear skinny jeans or wide pants. The type of pants you wear will affect the outcome of your outfit. If you wear a loose pants with the kurta top it can make you look untidy because the kurta top is loose at the bottom and fitted around the chest.



This is the traditional kurta top with the pants. This is the complete outfit which you can buy in store or online.


Another classic look. These slim pants look sophisticated and this look can pass as a suit. I have no idea why but I am obsessed with navy blue and gold ever since I have bought those colours for my Indian outfit.

Ultra Modern Kurta Styles


When I saw this design I fell in love with the colours and I couldn’t believe that it was a kurta top. This is the design which we will be seeing in future. New designers are always following western trends and prints. The triangle tribal print is very fashionable for clothing and stick-on mehndi tattoos.

kurta styles

This is definitely and everyday style which you could wear with a  pair of black skinny jeans and PUMPS! Yes, pumps is definitely something you would want to wear everyday.



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