White Wedding Gowns Bridal Dresses Designs Collection 2017-18

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White Wedding Gowns Bridal Dresses is the hottest search at the moment by many ladies. December is the wedding season, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from. It’s holidays and everyone has had a difficult year and we all have extra time to spend with family and friends. Therefore this is the perfect time of the year to get married.

Top White Wedding Gowns Bridal Dresses Pictures

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, not me, but most girls. They dream of the white dress which would grab everyone’s attention as they enter the room. Not many of us can afford the lavish gowns but we can have a look at the most expensive gowns and create a replica. If you haven’t seen the article on the most expensive Arab weddings yet, where have you been? Okay, I know it’s holidays but do take some time to relax and surf through some stunning designer wedding gowns here.

I’ve been receiving requests for bridal hijab styles and hijab styles for weddings, so this weekend has been busy. We tend to look for exciting styles for our wedding days, as in Cape Town the brides wear the white wedding dress. I might have styles which you would like but not wear cos my sense in style is rather over the top. I believe in going big! Ha-ha! I think for this articles, I will go through each design in detail and you can let me know what you think at the end of the article.

White Bridal Wedding Dress Styles

You’d think that a white dress might not have many styles and every white wedding dress looks the same. You would be amazed at what you can do with white. White is a pure colour so any colour when combined with white would stand out. Think white and red or black and white. It would be bold and different. My personal opinion is that white and silver somehow doesn’t compliment each other. I think the silver gets washed out by the white. However, white and gold is a good combination, even though I don’t like gold… this is the exception.

Images of White Bridal Dresses For Brides

Let me take back my words. I think I will just share the images and let you decide what you prefer. I tend to go into every detail about the designs of the dresses and get carried away. I would like to give  a piece of advice though. If you are fuller figured, keep the design simple along the largest part of your body. DO not bring more attention to it. Rather, accentuate the smaller part with detail. If you are slim, go for the princess styles. For shorter brides, do not go for midway dress drop, as they shorten the body and cut it in a definite half.

White Wedding Gowns Bridal Dresses
White Wedding Gowns Bridal Dresses

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