White Square Hijab Back in Trend

white square hijab

Every year fashion trends change, old trends become new trends; similarly white square hijab is back in trend. Women who don’t know how to wear and pull off this style they can take help from various tutorials. For white square hijab, women must use sheen surface material as it gives a very formal look rather than using pashmina shawls. They can use plain simple colors like black, which look chic especially in evening. Fabrics with large prints can be used to make a headscarf out of it, but it should have sheen material. In order to accessorize plain fabric or hijab women can use rose broach or glitter laces to make it look trendier, moreover; they can use diamantes to make it look heavy. Fashion designers are coming up with beautiful designs, which inspires many young Muslim girls to wear white square hijab. White square hijab is quite similar to the Arabic way of taking hijab and it fulfills the purpose of hijab and makes the girl look decent and modest.

White Square Hijab Style

white square hijab

Square Hijab is quite similar to the traditional way of taking Hijab. Chiffon should be used to make such a headscarf as it can be handled easily and has good draping quality. Pashmina or jersey material should be avoided.

white square hijabwhite square hijab


Square Hijab can also look appealing if sheen fabric is used most preferably silk. Silk comes in various colors and women can decide colors based on their individual preferences and according to seasons.