What’s: New in abaya fashion

All that ladies want is something new be it in clothing or abaya, fashion needs to be followed no matter what. Ladies who wear abaya are always looking for innovations in the style, colors and prints because they don’t want to miss on the latest trends being followed. Wearing an abaya and yet looking modern is a difficult job but not now as we have fashion bloggers they guide us how to carry a abaya to achieve that perfect look that makes you look stylish and beautiful. In the years 2016-17 trends are also changing as they change after every few years. As nowadays wearing designer clothes have become very common so why not wear a designer abaya that is exclusively designed for you in your desired color be it black or any color of your choice. Abaya can also be customized for events such as birthdays they can have some western cuts. Similarly abaya with eastern cuts are suitable for occasions such as a wedding or other family functions. Being up to date with fashion and latest trends is a bit difficult as they keep on changing as new collections keep on flowing in every 2 months. There is lots of stuff coming in for new abaya fashion.


Have: A look at The New Abaya Fashion

new abaya fashion

This picture shows abaya with a bit of western touch as we can see fitted sleeves and a different neckline , this neckline is not commonly seen in abaya

new abaya fashion

This image shows that abaya are available for all be it young girls or ladies everyone can flaunt these beautiful abaya. This plain black abaya paired with a jacket and plain scarf looks decent and classy.

new abaya fashion

This abaya is perfect for a wedding or a formal function. As we can see it is not stiched like an typical abaya has a twist and the way it is stylized with gold work is perfect.

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