Hijab or Niqab? Do You Know What is The Difference Between Them?

What is The Difference Between Hijab and Niqab: Islamic dresses and scarves vary from country to country and region to region. In many countries hijab is worn whereas in some the niqab is more common. It mostly has to do a lot with culture and tradition, as to how you wear your islamic scarve, however, many people unfamiliar with both usually ask what is the difference between hijab and niqab. In simple terms, a hijab covers your head and the area around your face, but a niqab covers all of your face except for the eyes, which are not veiled from the outside world. To further expand upon these explanations, the hijab is a veil that covers the area around the face and also the chest in the presence of people who are not your immediate family members. The purpose of the veil is also the same, that is to hide yourself from members of society who are not bound by blood to you or not immediate relatives, and it is more strict in the sense that the niqab’s purpose is also to hide all of your face but leave space for your eyes, so that you can see. Both headdresses are worn by Muslim women around the world in public places and the purpose is to be modest and avoid unfavorable comments by passerby people or even an instance of bad-eye or evil-eye which can bring you misfortune. So even though it is not compulsory in the religion, it is still encouraged a lot as source of women veiling themselves from unnecessary attention. The niqab is most popular in the Hanbali tradition and hence enjoys a lot of popularity in countries that are Arabic like Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and etc. So this is the simple answer we have to give if asked what is the difference between hijab and niqab.

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Hijabs have become very modern today as they are closer to headscarves and headscarves have never been out of fashion even in Western high-fashion. So in today’s world, hijabs have become very colourful and chic in order to compliment outfits and girls wear some of the most beautiful and stylish hijabs now. What is the difference between hijab and niqab is very easy to identify when you go to a store and you browse through all Islamic clothes, the minute you see a colorful range, you will know that those are hijabs but the moment you see black, grey, beige and white colours, you will know that is a niqab. Why is that the case? Because most women don’t like wearing very bright colours over their faces as a niqab and would prefer colours only in hijabs. However, niqab can have a little detail or so, maybe some sequins and embroidery on the sides that can make it look good, otherwise there is not much embellishment on  a niqab, whereas on a hijab there can be a variety of embellishments like embroidery, sequins, watercolours and they can be done in a lot of colours to suit and compliments each and every outfit of a woman. Niqab is usually boring but it can at times also be the case as in “less is more” which in this case means that not overdoing it can also add a lot to your beauty and simplicity and say a lot about your personality and character. Also, the eyes being a focal point of you also become more significant and accentuate your beauty but also your modesty. So by now, we are sure you know what is the difference between hijab and niqab and how both are adopted in mainstream life and also personal life by Muslim women who want to veil themselves.

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what is the difference between hijab and niqab                                                                                                 Source



what is the difference between hijab and niqab


what is the difference between hijab and niqab



hijab and niqab


what is the difference between hijab and niqab


what is the difference between hijab and niqab

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