Unique Neck Patterns For Eastern Wear

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Latest Salwar Kameez Neck patterns Designs

Due to popular demand, we are back with a follow-up article on neck patterns. We have had countless requests to showcase different styles and designs and we will honor it here. I hope you are enjoying our wide variety of style and fashion for eastern wear. I truly enjoy showcasing the most lovely eastern fashion for you here. I know you might be short on time and might have missed our previous neck design article. So I will provide you with the link to our previous article link here.

Eastern Wear Neck Patterns

I have thought of only showing neck patterns for churidars but then I thought why not broaden it and showcase all eastern wear neck patterns. I have seen some lovely sari neck patterns but they ae not modest. They have shaped backs but it looks very beautiful. Maybe we could fill the gaps with fabrics and still maintain the stunning look. That could work perfectly actually. You can always find a workaround to something you want to wear which is not Islamic. People actually come up with creative ideas and style when converting something that is not Islamic and modest and making it acceptable to wear. Sometimes the covered look is more effective than the exposed one.

Choosing a Style To Suit You

I didn’t even know there are styles online for neck patterns. They actually have the sewing pattern with the detailed embroidery drawn in the image. It looks amazing you could imagine what the rest of the outfit would look like. The neck patterns help you in deciding what the outfit should look like and how it will look on you. If you are fuller figured, you wouldn’t want to draw attention to your neck and would keep the neck pattern simple. If you are petite, you can go for a more modern design and be experimental when t comes to the neck pattern. Yesterday I saw quite an interesting neck design at one of our special occasions. We had a indian themed party and one of the girls had a dress made with sari fabric. She used the border of the fabric to create an interesting neck pattern. Normally we would use the border of the sari on the borders of the dress, as you would with a sari. She however, gave me an interesting new style to try out with my next dress design. I’m sure you want to get into the neck patterns, so let’s stop talking and show some designs.

Some Interesting Neck Patterns

latest-neck-designs-for-cotton-kameez18 neck patterns

The pink design is perfect for Islamic wear. The one below it could be worn with a front wrap. These are simple styles which I thought of sharing with you. I won’t focus on simple neck patterns as I have covered it at length in our previous article. We will be looking at fancy styles below. I know, that’s all you’re actually interested in seeing. I won’t lie, that’s all I’m interested in seeing too, ha-ha!

Stunning Fancy Neck Patterns


neck patterns

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