Unique Eid Collection of Gul Ahmed 2017


Latest Gul Ahmed Festive Eid Collection 2017

Gul Ahmed beautiful Eid Collection for 2017
is what we will be looking at today ladies! Yes, Eid is just 3 months away and if you want to be prepared this year and start early, then you will be glad to find our latest compilations of Eid collections by various designers all over Pakistan. You can choose from local designers with stores located throughout Pakistan. Or you could join me at the online Pakistani stores for ladies seeking purchases outside of the country. Pakistani eastern wear is simply stunning and they are truly amazing designs and I would love to show you my finds for Eid 2017.

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The Gul Ahmed Collection

Gul Ahmed designs exquisite Eid wear. The use of various fabrics and designs means that you won’t easily be wearing the same outfit as you married sister, distant cousin or “forever young” aunt. The fear of wearing the same Eid outfit as another family member is very real. I hardly had this problem, as I was always fuller figured and everyone my size were twice my age. Now, however, I always find myself wearing the same outfit as another family member in a different colour! Oh, the horror! Especially at weddings, this is undesired. Nonetheless, things are about to change, as I have come across so many online eastern wear stores and I quite like some of the Pakistani designers style. Gul Ahmed is definitely one to add to that list.

Images of Gul Ahmed Eid collection

I have been searching for the latest in Gul Ahmed’s Eid collection and these are my finds. I would like to talk through his collection, as I feel there is a lot going on. Let’s get started.

eid collection gul ahmed 2017

I love everything about this image. The model has such a pretty face and she compliments this outfit so well. For Eid I like to wear high collar outfits so that I can wear my scarf to the back and wear jewellery.

Gul Ahmed Collection For Mature Woman

eid collection gul ahmed 2017

I love the embroidery work on this outfit. This outfit is perfect for a mature woman. I can see my mom in this outfit. It is quite difficult to distinguish between what should be worn by a youngster and by a mature woman. Sometimes it is quite evident with the colour choices made by the designers, but other times it’s not that obvious.

eid collection gul ahmed 2017

More of The Gul Ahmed Collection For Eid 2017

eid collection gul ahmed 2017 eid collection gul ahmed 2017 eid collection gul ahmed 2017 eid collection gul ahmed 2017 eid collection gul ahmed 2017

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