Ultra-Modern Hijab Fashion From UK

hijab fashion uk

Whenever we see hijab fashion from a western country, like UK, we instantly show interest in what they have to offer. This doesn’t mean we don’t take local fashion seriously, it’s just good to know what’s going on around the world with regards to hijab fashion. Our previous article on modern hijab styles for 2015 has some great styles for you to choose from.

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Islamic Fashion, it’s Modest You Say?

Modest Islamic clothing is almost a touchy topic, breath in. I can feel all the heavy sighs, yes, it’s quite difficult to find clothing which is modest and modern. I must say, having an online store which caters for the Muslim community brings a sigh of relief, breath out! Now, we all feel much better! In western countries, the demand for Islamic clothing is quite low and hard to find. Online stores, like Inayah and Cherry Blossom caters for Muslim ladies who love to shop and dress in a modern Islamic way. These stores have all your everyday necessities. From your jilbabs, scarf pins and accessories to the dresses for formal, casual and seasonal wear. Also, not forgetting the abaya designs are out of this world. You have got to check it out! Well, if you’re too lazy to seach, like me, I have attached their designs below for some inspiration.

The Low Down on UK Hijabi Bloggers

UK is home to amazing hijabi fashion bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers. I have stumbled upon a UK website which familiarises you with top UK hijabi personalities, so have a look at the popsugar website.

Now that you’re updated with UK hijabers and their fashion, let’s stop online to do some much needed SHOPPING! Yeah, retail therapy in the middle of the week, there’s else nothing like it.

Hijab Fashion UK Style

hijab fashion uk

A lovely casual outfit for every day. I love the way she wears modern western clothing with a side ruffle hijab style. You have to agree, the hijab brings a graceful look to the outfit.

Stunning Hijab Styles From Cherry Blossom

hijab fashion uk Hijab Clothing From Inayah

hijab fashion uk

Oh my… your heart is beating uncontrollably fast, I know the feeling, ha-ha! This is super stunning. The great news is, it is available on the Inayah website for purchasing. So what are you waiting for?! This dress has everyone’s name on it, well, my name first, ha-ha!

hijab fashion uk hijab fashion uk Inayah Abaya, Has a Nice Ring To it

hijab fashion uk

So, if you enjoyed the hijab fashion from UK and would like to see more styles from the western world which is hijab friendly, modern, modest etc. Keep your eyes glued to our website,
Let me know in the comment box below how you would wear this style with your locally sourced fashion. Hope you shop till you drop, online of course! Happy shopping and happy styling!