Tutorials Available of Hijab Styles for Segi Empat

There are tutorials available of hijab styles for segi empat,which in English means a quadrangle. A quadrangle is  a four-sided plane figure, it can be square or a rectangle. The internet is flooded with tutorials for every face shape. New creative ideas are shared by people, making it easier for other girls to choose the hijab style that suits them the best. As the world is becoming more fashion conscious day by day, new designs are created to fulfill the demands of the consumers.  A scarf is mandatory for all Muslim girls, be it the modern teenage, or the old woman. Every woman needs to cover their head and chest with this scarf. One can simply open these tutorials, follow them step by step, and achieve great results on their own. Now, girls do not have to go to parlors to get different hijab styles, they can do it themselves at home as well. Tutorial images will be shown of hijab styles for segi empat further in this article.

Tutorial Hijab Styles Segi Empat

This is a tutorial image showing which hijab style suits the segi empat face the most. The numbering makes it easy for all the Muslim women to follow the steps.

hijab styles tutorial segi empat

This image makes it clear what a segi empat is. This is a perfect example of a quadrangle face, and how this hijab style compliments the face shape brilliantly.

hijab styles tutorial segi empat

This image is also a tutorial for those women who have a square face and do not know which hijab style will compliment their face shape the most.

hijab styles tutorial segi empat

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