Tutorials About How To Design a White Hijab

Since it is mandatory for Muslim girls to wear hijab, many tutorials are available to guide them as to how to design a white hijab for their wedding. This has made the lives of these brides easier. There are many simple ways to design your own bridal hijab and dress, it could be the traditional way, using white, red or black colors with your own choice of sleeves. It could be of pashmina material, giving the hijab an absolutely beautiful fall. It could also be a color combination of a white hijab with red roses, giving the bride a very pretty look. Many popular designs of famous designers are also available, which inspires our brides to come up with their own innovative ideas. One can simply log onto the internet and type tutorial on white bridal hijabs, and get hundreds and thousands of ideas.

White Hijab Tutorial Pictures

This image a simple tutorial about to wear a white hijab. This is the basic technique to wear a hijab. Knowing this, you can add your own creativity to get a more fashionable look.

white hijab tutorial

This tutorial image of a traditional Muslim bride, wearing a white hijab and dress. The use of gold is very prominent in this image because white and gold always go well together.

white hijab tutorialThere are two different ideas of how a bride can go from a very simple look to a stunning, slightly more complex look. The left as you can see is very elegant and plain. However, the image on the right has lots of jewellery and accessories along with the white hijab.

white hijab tutorial

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