Tutorial Hijab With Two Scarves

hijab with two scarves

Hijab with two scarves is commonly termed as zigzag hijab or criss cross hijab, as two different colored or printed fabrics are used to achieve one particular look. The universal Islamic dress code for women i.e. hijab has moved away from its traditional appeal towards a more modern appeal. Many new variations are being added to stylizing hijab in order to make it look trendy, beautiful and elegant at the same time. Women just have to follow quick, simple and easy steps to make themselves look pretty and stylish. Many new trends and style of taking hijab are introduced every year just like that of 2016-2017. New designs are automatically termed as fashionable and old designs or styles are termed as unfashionable, therefore; women are in the constant struggle of staying up to date when it comes to fashion as they don’t want to lack way behind in this race. Hijab with two scarves is mostly suitable for long dresses as it gives a very formal look and therefore most women avoid wearing it to complete their casual look for the day. Apart from this, Hijab with two scarves uses two contrasting color combinations, one color can be a very bright color and it can be paired up with an extremely light color. Moreover, women who are not aware about how to wrap hijab using two scarves can take help from online tutorials as they explicitly explain the process in a step-by-step manner. Hijab with two scarves tutorials are available in images and videos and are accessible to women of all ages.

Hijab With Two Scarves Tutorial 2016-17

hijab with two scarves hijab with two scarves hijab with two scarves