Tutorial Hijab With The Criss Cross Style

criss cross hijab tutorial

I always find tutorial hijab useful for me to try out new styles. The criss cross style has always intrigued me. It looked quite complicated to style and I wasn’t sure how to style it and how to create the criss cross. Before I discovered online tutorials and YouTube video tutorials, I would look at an image first and try to figure out how they styled it. The first time I tried to follow a zigzag tutorial, I failed hopelessly and got all tangled in scarves and ended up laughing at myself. Needless to say, the layered zigzag style takes lots of practice. The biggest tip I would give you, is to do it one section at a time. Don’t rush into it, your hijab will end up looking like a mess! Be precise with your folds and keep it neat. Here is a link to my criss cross hijab tutorial, if you are interested in viewing my style. I put a twist on it, so hopefully you like it too.

Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t viewed our previous article on hijabiworld, please do. It is related to this one, as it was a tutorial article too. The basics on hijab styling have been covered there and should make the transgression to the intermediate criss cross hijab style a bit easier to follow. You can find the article on How to wear hijab step by step 2 min.

Also, myhijab is a great website for viewing hijab tutorials. I came across this red and cream zigzag hijab tutorial on their site. Do check it out when you have a chance. I can assure you, it’s a worthwhile tutorial.

Getting back to the criss cross hijab… Muslim woman are constantly looking at new scarf styles. Everyone does, whether you’re just admiring the style or trying to figure out whether it would suit you or not. However, not many are willing to try new styles. It took me a while to actually walk out the house wearing a new style. You always wonder what others might think. Am I too overdressed? Is the hijab style over the top?! That is the worst ever. That’s when I feel that I have just wasted a new hijab style, which could’ve been worn to a special occasion. Then again, I like going all out for everything, so don’t be surprised if you see me all dressed up at a casual occasion, as I don’t do casual! Ha-ha! It’s just not my style.

Okay, that was a whole lot of rambling… and had nothing to do with the topic for today, sorry! Oh, I knew there was a point I was trying to make. What I wanted to say was, the zigzag style is perfect for special occasions, like if you’re attending a wedding or even to use as a bridal style. So don’t use it or waste it on a casual occasion. As you won’t look extra special as you could, when wearing it for the first time to a special occasion.

Let’s have a look at some stunning criss cross hijab fashion and don’t forget to try out the hijab tutorials at the end of the article and do watch the dailymotion tutorial. Yes, you should watch it, but also try it out, so that you can learn the style. And remember to practice, practice and practice! We all know the saying, “practice makes perfect”.

Some Amazing Criss Cross Bridal Hijab Styles With Tutorial

criss cross hijab tutorial

Brides are always looking for something different for their hijab style. One bride’s hijab style should never be the same as another, that would just be an epic fail! Many woman look for unique styles. Should you be looking for some inspirational and trendy bridal hijab ideas styles for your wedding day. Wearing the zigzag style as a bridal style is a great idea. I love to layer my hijab for special occasions. You might be surprised to hear that I have worn 3 scarves on my head for my Eid hijab style. Yes, you heard correctly, 3! This included a head chain too. So, the key to a great style is layering. The more layers, the greater the impression and therefore it’s perfect for a bridal style.

criss cross hijab tutorial

This is exactly what I’ve been speaking about above, isn’t it stunning? You have to agree, I was correct.

criss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialcriss cross hijab tutorialA Simple Zigzag Hijab Tutorial To Get You Started
criss cross hijab tutorial

I know I said it’s simple, and it is, trust me! It just looks complicated. Okay, so get your pins and 2 square scarves and let’s get started.
Step 1: Place your cream scarf on your head with a long end and a short end. Pin it at a slant, as seen in the image.

Step 2: Place your red scarf on your head at a slant.

Step 3: Pin it at the back and at the side.

Step 4: Grab the cream scarf.

Step 5: Flip the scarf over your head, at a slant.

Step 6: Pin down at the side.

Step 7: Grab the same cream scarf and pull the end across your chest and pin it down to your shoulder.

Step 8: Grab the red scarf.

Step 9: Place it over your head, at a slant.

Step 10: Pin it down.
See, it wasn’t that difficult! I should be the last person to speak, I ended up with horizontal layers instead of the zigzag pattern the first few times I tried out this style. Yes, it took a good couple of tries before I actually got it right. Taking a few deep breaths before I start with this style seems to work for me, ha-ha! If you prefer a video tutorial, I have attached my favourite ones below.

Zigzag Hijab Video Tutorial on Dailymotion

criss cross hijab tutorial

I love Fatiha’s tutorials. I find them very easy to follow. I have tried this style above and it came out quite similar to hers. I won’t lie, it didn’t come out exactly the same, ha-ha! Let me know how you found the tutorial and if you got it right the first time, maybe you’ll be luckier than I was.

Criss Cross Hijab Style For Everyday

criss cross hijab tutorial

Wow ladies, we actually made it! By now you should all be ready to rock that criss cross hijab style. If you were able to complete those tutorials, pat yourself on the back, as it’s not easy. If not, don’t be discouraged, perfection takes time. Let me know how you found this style in the comment box below. Stay sweet, happy styling.