Tutorial For Wearing a Criss Cross Layered Hijab

criss cross layered hijab tutorial

Criss cross-layered Hijab requires a lot of practice and perfection and therefore tutorials are very helpful. Tutorials explain even the complex ways of wearing Hijab in a very simple step-by-step procedure. However, criss cross-layered Hijab does not suit on every face. Criss cross-layered Hijab compliments women who have a cute and round face, but since it is one of the most complex way of wearing Hijab women should practice it everyday in order to achieve perfection. Internet and various video sites are filled up with tutorials for wearing a criss cross-layered Hijab and each tutorial deals with a different kind of fabric, which enables women to follow the steps with ease.


Hijab: Criss Cross Layered Tutorial

criss cross layered hijab tutorialCriss Cross layered tutorial explained in 10 simple steps, which shows that everyday practice is required to achieve perfection. The woman in the picture has used silk to achieve this style and she paired it up with a broach. Women who wear hijab often pair it up with such accessories.

This picture shows a woman wearing a criss cross-layered hijab but in a unique and distinct way.

criss cross layered hijab tutorialShe paired it up with the turban look, which is giving more of a royal look to her personality. Two different kinds of fabrics are used to achieve one look. One fabric is plain and the other one is printed.

criss cross layered hijab tutorial


This picture shows a woman wearing a criss cross-layered scarf. She used two different kinds of fabrics as well as it adds a certain sort of stylistic element to Hijab.