Turkish Hijab and Abaya Styles

turkish hijab abaya

There is a difference between Turkish hijab and Abaya, which almost all Muslim women are aware off. Turkish hijab is the one worn by women with the intention of covering their head and their chest especially in the presence of male members not belonging to their family. Whereas Turkish Abaya is the one, which covers the entire female body, women tend to wear Abaya’s whenever they are going out or they are in the presence of male members. However, women who wear hijab and Abaya can take them off in front of their husband and children. Hijab can be made of any fabric like chiffon, silk, pashmina shawls etc. whereas Abaya has a specific material. Women often wear clothes under Abaya like shalwar kameez. Hijab can by stylized making them look modern, trendy, stylish and fashionable. Many fashion collections are launched to present innovative ideas to the general audience for instance the fashion collection of 2016-2017. Abaya is simple and easy to carry. It is mostly kept simple to make it look elegant, however now many designers are coming up with ideas to stylize it as well. Women wear Hijab universally, whereas very few women wear proper Abaya. School going girls also prefer to wear Turkish hijab rather than Abaya as they can manage it easily, since Abaya is very long in length and girls have to walk and play in schools so it is very difficult for them to manage.


Turkish Hijab and Abaya

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