Trendy White Hijab Style 2016-17

Internet is flooded with white hijab style; it shows how women can achieve a particular style through various tutorials. The color is difficult to deal with as you can’t wear light colors with it, it will make your entire outlook and appearance dull. Therefore, bright colors should be used in contrast for e.g. colors like rose red. White pashmina can be paired with simple colors like black, which will make Muslim women look chic and trendy. Fashion inspires women to adapt new ways of dressing up. In winters women tend to pair hijab with jersey material clothing. Shawls with sheen surface can also be used to convert them into a headscarf. Large diamante and glitter should be avoided especially when one is planning to wear white hijab with any bright color. In order for women to look different everyday, and if they are tired and bored of the same look which they pull off almost daily, they can use the internet to find more white hijab styles and enhance their skills of wearing hijab.

Stylish White Hijab Style

white hijab styleWoman wearing chiffon hijab in a wrap around manner as it has good draping quality.  Chiffon hijabs are very vibrant and appealing; suitable for summers and spring.

white hijab style

Women wearing black chiffon hijab on black dress. Black is the only color that does not look odd on the surface of the same color. Black compliments black.

white hijab style

This image represents the typical way of taking hijab or headscarf. It is a representation of Arabic way of covering ones head with a piece of cloth.

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