Trendy & Stylish Embroided Abaya Collection

Ladies there is a good news for you all as now a huge collection of embroided Abaya is being introduced by a famous designer, but designer clothes are so expensive that everyone can’t afford them. All new trends are introduced by designers and later followed by people. But this is also not a problem anymore as there is a new designer who has introduced Abaya of all price ranges starting from as lowest as 5000 this is surely a good news as now everyone can have their hands on their favorite exclusively designed Abaya. These Abaya’s are available in a variety of colors and are trendy enough to follow the latest fashion trends. These can be worn easily on occasions such as weddings because everyone wears embellished clothes so why should ladies who wear Abaya lack behind now they also have an easy solution their problem. The black Abaya with embroidery is the most beautiful thing ever seen perfect for a birthday event. Year 2016-17 is all about party in order to nail the perfect look you need to be a pro in wrapping scarfs. Making a jilbab look modern is also very important but now it’s not a tension as the new embroidery Abaya is here.



Modern Embroided Abaya Collection

Embroided ABAYA

This black Abaya with yellow flower motive looks so pretty and it is made with thread embroidery and is accompanied with a matching scarf to complete the perfect look.

Embroided ABAYA

This Black Abaya with a front opening and the silver embroidery on the sides looks amazing as it gives the Abaya a different look and same motive is also embroided along the sleeves perfect for an family dinner.

Embroided ABAYA

This black Abaya with Blue Embroidery looks  amazing as there is a embroided belt and the motives flowing the bottom of the Abaya.

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