10 Trendy Muslim Wedding Dress Collection

muslim wedding dress gown

As a Muslim, your choice of bridal dress on your wedding day greatly hinges on your society and the customs of Islam. Due to the boom in the global fashion industry, there are now myriads of bridal dresses for Muslims. However, I’ll be recommending to you 10 of the most beautiful, modest, latest, as well as elegant Muslim Wedding Dress designs that are acceptable according to the practices and culture of Islam.

Hijab wedding gowns

Before we go into basics, as a Muslim, it is worthy to note that your bridal outfit is never complete without a hijab. As commanded by the Quran, Muslim women above the puberty age are required to be covered by a hijab as a sign of modesty. At the same time, if you would be considering adding a hijab to your bridal look, I’m sure you would love to do something trendy and stylish. The perfect hijabs are usually made of silk, chiffon, viscose, jersey or georgette fabric, depending on the weather condition. If you want a brief tutorial on how you can stylishly – but in a simple way – wear your hijab.

Wedding Hijab


While ensuring modesty, Islam also wants you to look good. Hence, you may look to adding or choosing embroidered and/or embellished lehenga sarees, bridal blouse designs and hijabs to give you some confidence and charm on your big day. For added beauty, don’t forget to adorn your hijab with some brooches and clips.

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From saris to salwar kameez, shararas, and others, there are different types of Islamic wedding gowns to choose from. Your personal idea of what style befits you, your society and religion will only sway your decision.


Everybody loves jewelry, dress embroideries, and embellishments. Provided you don’t mind the cost (keep in mind, it’s your bid day), you should choose the high-end dresses designed with pieces of decorative sequins, beadings, and appliques. Appliques are decorative designs derived from cut-pieces of beautiful fabric materials and applied on flashy clothe designs. Sequins are shiny metallic materials sewn for decoration purpose on elaborate garments.


 10 Trendy Muslim Wedding Dresses Collection

  1. Long-sleeved Ball Gown With Shiny Sequins  expensive muslim wedding dress gown

  2. Zipper-up Long Sleeves Muslim Wedding Dress With Luxurious Beadings  zipper muslim wedding dress gown

  3. High Neck Mermaid Court Train Long Sleeves With Lace Botton Beads   mermaid muslim wedding dress gown

  4. Long Sleeves Raised Neck With Appliqued Hijab And Gown   long sleeves muslim wedding dress gown

  5. Wine Hijab Laced With Embellishments    wine hijab muslim wedding dress

  6. High Neck Long Sleeves Wedding Gown With Appliques  red muslim wedding dress gown

  7.  Lace Matte Long Sleeves Satin Muslim Wedding Gown  lace matte muslim wedding dress gown

  8. Zipper-Up A-Line Muslim Gown With Applique Beading  pink muslim wedding dress gown

  9. Lace Long Sleeves Beaded High Neck  Arabic Gown  arabic muslim wedding dress gown

  10. Trumpet/Mermaid High Neck Muslim Wedding Dress With Appliques  white muslim wedding dress gown

    Price range

    You may find dresses laced with appliques and sequin-decorated bridal gowns high-end in major retail stores. Brides-to-be looking for inexpensive but quality wedding dresses may consider lace matte gowns and beaded lace gowns.

    Like all retail items, prices of modest Muslim wedding dresses vary. Considering the paragraph above, the term ‘inexpensive’ for bridal gowns goes for the ones below $200. For beautifully-adorned designs with special fabric materials, these bridal gowns can go in the upwards of $300 or the equivalence of the retailer’s currency of exchange.

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