Trendy Hijab Style With Tutorial For 2017

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Hijab style tutorial for 2017 is so trendy and searched by many girls for next year. I loved the styles which featured this year. 2017 seems like the year of simple and classy styles.  I remember posting styles for 2016 last year and I actually used a style from there and it has become my signature style. I tried many of the styles until I came to one which I love. It is a bit fancy but it expresses my personality and style.

Hijab Tutorial And Styles 2017

While trying all these hijab styles, I realised that not every style suited my face. Even though I might’ve loved the style or the way it looked on the hijabi, it just didn’t suit my face shape. It is therefore important to wear a hijab style which suits your face shape. For more advice on how to choose your style for the shape of your face, refer to my previous write-up by clicking here.

Hijab Tutorial Step-By-Step For 2017

I have chosen to share turban hijab tutorials with you as I have had requests for the styles I wear during Summer. The weather over here is getting quite hot and this is when the turban hijab style is definitely needed.

hijab style tutorial 2017

Step 1: Using a square scarf, fold it in a triangle and place it on your head as seen in the image.

Step 2: Take the point and tuck it under your undercap.

Step 3: Take one end and flip it over your head as seen in the image.

Step 4: Take the second end at the midpoint.

Step 5: Pin it down and add a brooch.

hijab style tutorial 2017

Step 1: Grab your rectangle scarf with two equal lengths.

Step 2: Grab the 2 ends infront of your head.

Step 3: Knot them together.

Step 4: Place the one end behind your head.

Step 5: Take the other end and wrap it around your head.

Step 6: Bring the end over to the other side.

Step 7: Pin it down.

Step 8: Bring the end from earlier over the front and pin down.

Front Wrap Hijab Tutorial For 2017

hijab style tutorial 2017

hijab style tutorial 2017 hijab style tutorial 2017

Hijab Style For 2017

hijab style tutorial 2017

I have tried these styles before and I love them. I get very bored with the same hijab style and like experimenting new looks and changing them all the time. I would try and new style and wear it for the day and then decide if it was comfortable or not. I still need to buy a jersey scarf though… The jersey scarf can be used for turbans and front wraps.


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