Trendy Bridal Hijab Ideas & Styles For Your Wedding Day

bridal hijab styles

The date for your big day has been set and you’ll need all the bridal hijab styles fashion inspiration you could get. My suggestion would be to first decide on a dress style. Once you have your dress designed, start thinking about your hijab style.

Latest Bridal Hijab Styles

You can even incorporate your dress colors, fabric and beading or embroidery in your hijab style. There’s a lot of styles to cover in this exciting article so let’s get started.

bridal hijab styles

All brides around the world are in search of modern Bridal hijab and their Styles we are here to help you

There are many different bridal hijab styles to choose from. Each one has their own unique twist. Some wedding dresses require a simple hijab, if your dress is heavily detailed. While there are some which require intricate beading, as the picture above, with a simple wedding dress. However, depending on your cultural background, it is often seen where the dress is very detailed as well as the hijab. Whichever style you choose to wear, you’ll still look stunning on your wedding day.

Some Trendy and Modern Bridal Hijab Styles to get you started

modern bridal hijab styles

This is the look of the classical English bride. Keeping it all white, with a white dress, white hijab undercap, white veil and adding a touch of glamour with a beaded headband. If you like simple and stylish, this is the way to go.

bridal hijab styles

Here is the gambar bridal hijab style. The hijab is silver with a touch of pink, same as the dress. They utilised the twist style with diamante headpieces.

gambar bridal hijab style

If you’re going for a vintage style dress, you want to keep your hijab quite simple.

bridal hijab styles

This is so pretty. I’m sure you never thought of wearing black on your wedding day, but this is a new trend for modern brides. Look how stunning she looks in a salmon pink dress with black lace border and matching hijab with black lace and pearl headpiece.

pretty bridal hijab styles

This Pakistani wedding dress in beige, plum and blue is so exquisite and look how they brought the outfit together so nicely with the hijab and jewellery. If you don’t have hijab accessories, you can always use your wedding jewellery as a headpiece. This is a very nice turban bridal styled hijab.

turban bridal hijab styles

Arabian styled hijab is all about the headgear. As you can see it is quite elaborate and is the focal point of the bride.

bridal hijab styles dubai style

Even though the Dubai hijab style is fully beaded, it doesn’t look overdone. I think the colour is quite nice too.


beautiful bridal hijab styles

It has got to be by far the most beautiful bridal hijab style and dress I have ever seen! The colours and attention to detail is breath-taking. If you love colour and want to have a colourful hijab with your dress and didn’t know how or what to do, then this is perfect for you. They combined the use of fresh flowers with artificial ones and mixed different fabrics together to create the masterpiece seen in the image above.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it. Happy styling.

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