Traditional Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2016-2017

Pakistani wedding clothes Zainab Chottani 2014 Traditional Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2016-2017

If you are Pakistani and are looking for bridal dresses for 2016-2017, we are definitely here to help. There are many styles available online and it can be quite over-whelming. I have chosen some styles which I liked and hope you will too. My aim was to bring styles to you which are modern, but most importantly modest as well. These styles might not have sleeves or hijab, but we are looking for the main style of our bridal outfit first. If you find a bridal dress style which you love, save the image, purchase the fabric and take the design to your nearest dressmaker and lets get yo off to a great start for your wedding day planning. just by the way, if you haven’t viewed my previous article on Pakistani dresses, seriously, where have you been? But, don’t worry, I have attached the link here for your viewing pleasure.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2016-2017 Styles

I know there are many outfits which a bride might require for her wedding. There’s the engagement outfit, mendhi outfit, nikah outfit, reception outfit and walima outfit. Wow, those are quite a collection of dresses which you will require and which you probably might not use again since they are so fancy. You could decide to wear simpler dresses for the occasions which run-up to the wedding. In this way you would only have one show-stopper bridal dress which you should focus all your attention on. I have seen some simple styled salwar kameez which you can wear for the walima, it’s the grey outfit. But, I’ve been to a Walima and the bride was Pakistani and her dress was as fancy as the wedding bridal styles. So, you should decide how simple or fancy you would like to keep it, I will provide you with both styles, so stay right here for more stylish updates.

Images of Pakistani Brides on Their Wedding Day

I love viewing the bridal images. The way they take the images make the outfits look  even more beautiful.

Top 10 white and cream Pakistani bridal dress (1)

This is a simple bridal style which is in white, purple and red. Some brides would like to adopt the western way of dressing and wear a white dress on their wedding day. The traditional colour to wear is red. So here we see a combination of white and red. Also note that the dulha and dulhan wear matching outfits. This is very common and I find it to be so cute.

Pakistani-Bridal-Dresses-Designs-1Like I said, the Pakistani dress style is quite loose and many would think it that if your clothing has a loose fit you will look untidy, but this is obviously not the case, as you can see in the image above. Another thing which I noticed is that the grooms always have some dramatic accessory which adds some drama to the wedding photography. A while ago I saw a groom with a sword hanging down his salwar kameez and standing alongside his bride. I have no idea what that signifies but my guess is it’s to show other guys that she is no longer available, ha-ha!

Pakistani Bridal Dresses For 2016

Pakistani-Bridal-Makeup-Lehnga-Choli-With-Accessories-7 Pakistani-Bridal-Dresses-Designs-From-Pantene-Bridal-Couture-Week-2013-004 pakistani bridal dresses 2016

Modern Bridal Pakistani Dresses For 2016

pakistani bridal dresses 2016 pakistani bridal dresses 2016

Walima Bridal Pakistani Dress Fashion For 2016

pakistani bridal dresses 2016

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