Traditional Abayas VS. Modern Embroidered and Double Coat Abaya Designs

Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design

There are many new Abaya designs coming out this year; embroidered Abayas and Double coat Abayas are some of them. In its most traditional form, an Abaya is a Muslim dress code for women, which is a long black cloak, worn as an outer garment. However, as more awareness about fashion has spread, women have started demanding more chic and modern designs in the Abaya dress code. In the modern world, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Iran and other gulf countries are linked most with the Abaya dress code; hence, it is no surprise that these fashion experiments originated from there. In 2016 not only did the Abaya evolve in the Middle East but also in Pakistan, where designers such as Al-Karam and Gul Ahmed have introduced new designs, starting a new trend.

An Age of Embroidered and Double Coat Abaya Designs:

In the Modern World, Abaya designs have changed drastically, they can be seen invaded with colors. Even if the entire dress is not colored, there is some break given to the solid black with a contrasting hue, such as yellow in the picture below on the left. In addition to colors, the Abaya dress code can also be seen with beautiful embroideries and sequence work. As for those who wear Abayas, previously had to hide all their efforts of looking trendy, but now with help of these new designs, they can feel equally fashionable.

Instead of being like a closed gown, the double coat Abaya design is like an open front garment that can either be buttoned up, or left open. It also allows women to exercise their choice even more. Like the picture on the right.

Other Burqa designs include the Kaftan, that succeed in hiding the female figure but in a more contemporary and chic way. The Jilbab however are designed especially for working Muslim women, as it is easier to move around in them. Working women nowadays don’t even hesitate in wearing jackets and suits over their Abaya’s in the winters. In 2016 we can see women becoming more experimental and confident in their sense of fashion as they are not afraid to try new ways of wearing the traditional Abaya.

Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design Embroidered Double-coat Abaya design