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Most Expensive Arab Weddings is what we will look at today. There are so many weddings which take place daily, but we don’t often see royal and lavish wedding. We know many girls dream about a big wedding and a day they will never forget. We all know the expectations of a fairytale wedding which we saw as a little girl in all the fairytales we watched as children. Never do we expect to see a fairytale wedding in real life. Arabs are known for their lavish and expensive lifestyle. They know how to throw a good party and their weddings are truly out of this world. They might leave you quite shocked for words. Before I get ahead of myself, allow me to share with you a link to my previous article on Arabic mehendi designs. Click here to view.

Top 10 Most Expensive Arab Weddings

  • 10 – Noor Fares and Alexandre Al Khawam

They got married in July at the l’Église Sainte-Catherine in Honfleur, France. The venue was a church with white-wisteria chandeliers which were placed high over the ceiling which looked impressive.

The bride wore a stunning lace gown which was a Giambattista Valli. Before the actual wedding day, the couple visited rural India and old Baghdad.

10-most-beautiful-arab-weddings-of-all-time 05-noor-alex-wedding-venyxworld

This is the stunning dress I was talking about.

21_-noor-fares-wedding-cake-600x400 Most Expensive Arab Weddings noor_fares_wedding_Most Expensive Arab Weddings

When you need to cut your wedding cake with a sword, you know it’s an expensive wedding you are attending.

  • 9 – Haifa Snobar and Mohammed Abu Ghazaleh

Haifa Snobar from Saudia Arabia married Muhammed Abu Ghazaleh in late June his year. The brides dress was an Oscar de la Renta, designed by none other than the very talented and creative Peter Copping.

The dress was a lace gown with stars and flowers elements all over it. The wedding took place in France at Château de Voisin in Saint-Hilarion. Celebrity guest which was present at the wedding was Timberland.


peter-copping-odlr-Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings

  • 8 – Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein

Queen Rania’s wedding celebration was a very expensive one. It was a royal ceremony that was held in Amman, Jordon in 1993. The expensive gown of the queen bride was a custom-made one and featured  gold-inspired embroidery on a material made out of ivory satin. A British designer, Bruce Oldfield was the artist behind the gown, who was also responsible for Lady Diana’s exquisite Spencer royal gown! Royal brides always have simple and elegant dress styles which are very expensive.


prince-abdullah-Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings

  • 7  – HH Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum

HH Sheikh Latifa, daughter of Muhammad Al Maktoum, had a ‘Lucid Dream’ themed wedding. The luxury wedding took place at the World Trade Centre, Dubai. The lovely setup included breathtaking crystal clouds which hung from the ceiling to stun the guests, along with hundreds and thousands of bright light sticks and floating cranes.



  • 6 – Amal Clooney and George Clooney


Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings

Her before and after images of her wedding day make-up. I can hardly spot the difference. Less is more, I guess.

  • 5 – Lana El Sahley and Ali Awada


Most Expensive Arab Weddings lana-el-sahely-wedding-Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings

  • 4 – Alaa Hashim Balkhy and Issam Hamididdin


5-10-most-beautiful-arab-weddings-of-all-time saudi-designer-fyunka-alaa-hashim-balkhy-morocco-wedding-dress-razan-alazzouni-01

  • 3 – Sabine Ghanem and Joseph Getty


Most Expensive Arab Weddings sabine-ghanem-wedding-30-1024x682

Sabine Ghanem and Joseph Getty

  • 2 – Fai Al Kharafi and Shiekh Fahad Al Sabah

I think her dress is the best. let me know which is yours.


8-10-most-beautiful-arab-weddings-of-all-time Most Expensive Arab Weddings Most Expensive Arab Weddings

  • 1 – Christina Karam and Jean Ramia


Most Expensive Arab Weddings

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