Top Expensive Artificial Jewellery Designs For Wedding

Expensive artificial jewellery 2017-2018 is a search by all Indian and Pakistani brides, or maybe more the grooms. Since they are the ones buying jewellery for the bride, I’m not sure how it works in Pakistani culture, but that’s how it works in Indian culture. The groom buys the bride a gold necklace and watch with the ring. I don’t think the bride will be too impressed with an artificial gold necklace though. But I was thinking, since you will want to have matching jewellery for your outfits for the ceremonies which run-up to your wedding, why not wear artificial jewellery. I always said, why do we need to have a ring exchange on wedding days.. Even these gold necklaces which are given are an unnecessary waste of money. Realistically, you don’t wear them after your wedding day cos life is dangerous out there. You can’t be seen with  a gold chain dangling around your neck. I always thought of getting an artificial wedding ring as well cos I find wedding ring designs to be very boring and they all look the same. Mind you, I did see one in the jewellery store the other day but it was so expensive, I would make a replica. Oh wow guys, I completely went over-board with the introduction. For some ideas on Pakistani jewellery which you can wear on your wedding day, click here.

Top Expensive Artificial Jewellery Designs

There are many advantages to buying artificial jewellery. Besides the enormous amount of money you will save, you can also get more than you bargained for with more sets of jewellery instead of one expensive set. Repeating the same statement jewellery looses appeal. People will see you wearing the same set all the time and it can get boring. Be careful when choosing artificial gold jewellery though. I can easily look fake, especially if it is too yellow. A great tip to keep your imitation jewellery looking like gold, is to give it a coat of clear nail polish. I do this with all my imitation jewellery so that the gold plating doesn’t rub off when in continuous contact with water.

Types of Artificial Jewellery

I actually found every type of artificial bridal jewellery there is, online. I even found fake pearl kundan jewellery sets, which I was quite surprised by. There’s diamante, silver, gold and gems.

Images of Expensive Artificial Jewellery

We will now look at a complete collection of artificial jewellery.

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