The Top 3 Easy Bajeesy Daily Hijab Styles

This article will show the top 3 easy bajeesy hijab styles that can be worn daily. Hijab needs to be worn everyday as it is mandatory, so the steps to wear it should be easy and simple. However, it should also make a girl look modern and fashionable. A hijab should cover the hair and chest properly as per Islamic requirements. As the world is moving towards globalization, new designs are shared by various Muslim women every day via the internet.  A casual look can be achieved if hijab is kept simple. These casual styles are less time consuming and can be achieved easily before going to school\work. A scarf represents modesty and morality for Muslim women. With modesty comes simplicity, hence this article shares the top 3 easy bajeesy daily hijab styles for all the Muslim girls out there.

 Best 3 Easy Bajeesy Daily Hijab Styles

This is one the easy bajeesy daily hijab style that can be done within no time. Only one fabric is used in this image, it is a silky fabric with polka dot pattern on it. This hijab is simple to wear yet it gives a trendy look.

3 easy bajeesy daily hijab styles

This is one of the most commonly used techniques to wear a hijab. Most Muslim women are seen wearing this style in their everyday life because it is not time consuming and uses one material only. The color can be matched to your Abaya, and the same result can be achieved with the help of tutorials.

3 easy bajeesy daily hijab styles

This look is slightly more complicated than the others as two materials are used in this image. The plain black band is worn under the polka dot scarf to make sure the hair is properly covered.

3 easy bajeesy daily hijab styles

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