The New Scarf Style for the Hijab

You might see girls trying out new Hijab styles, and you might want to learn new ways of wearing your scarf too! Well we know a way in which you can learn how to wear different and new styles in no time! There are different types of Hijabs made out different types of scarves; the Pashmina Hijab would be different, a Hijab made out of a shawl would be different. Before you learn how to tie these different designs of Hijabs, may be decide which would suit you the most. And for that there are different tutorials available that could teach you about your face type, and the materials and ways of Hijab you should try. Some people might like good in the maxi scarf, others might like turque or khaleeji styles better, it all depends on your face cut. The modern girl is aware of the new styles, but she is more aware of her own comfort zone, and that is what fashion is about; feeling pretty and confident! Muslims can be cool to you know, even if they wear a headscarf!

Try New Hijab Scarf Styles

new style hijab scarf

So we know we told you all these new scarf styles and it would be unfair to not show you pictures with them! So this is the turque Hijab style! As you can see its chic, elegant and extremely stylish!


new style hijab scarf

This is the maxi style Hijab, in which the scarf is longer and covers your chest, if worn correctly this style can prove highly fashionable, and not mention it’s one of the easiest to tie and it’s highly popular! 


new style hijab scarfThe last but not the least is the Khaleeji Hijab style, it is very sophisticated no doubt. But it is in some areas considered to be controversial. But if you feel comfortable wearing it then why not!

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