The New Color Abaya ideas For 2016-17

Abaya’s were mostly worn in the color black but now this trend is being changed with the new colored Abaya. Today’s woman wants to look beautiful and trendy at the same time and this can only be done if all the latest fashion trends are being followed. As its spring season and we can see colors all around as flowers are blooming so who would want to wear boring and dull colors. Black is not a popular color in the spring season everyone wants to wear fresh and bright colors because that is the new trend for the season. Being stylish is not a crime and now ladies who wear jilbab will not lack behind in following the latest fashion. The new collection of Abaya looks like a rainbow and the cuts and embellishments are so different delicate and soft airy fabrics are used. Hijabs are made of material that is easy to wrap and does not slip of. So ladies all your problems of looking modern are solved for the year ahead 2016-17. Different colors are used keeping in mind occasions and events, young girls always want a variety of colors and now that issue is solved with this new Abaya.

Bye Black: The New Colored Abaya Are Here

The new color abaya

This is a beautiful light peach Abaya perfect for a summer’s hot afternoon the detailing on the neckline and belt on the waist make it a perfect option.

The new color abaya

This is a plain light blue Abaya it has plaits around the waist line. This printed scarf looks so refreshing.

The new color abaya

This Magenta Abaya is a perfect choice for an evening out and the slim fitted sleeves looks nice and decent.

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