The: New Butterfly Abaya in town

The New Butterfly Abaya is surely going to be loved by all the ladies out there. As it is new fashionable and convenient who would want to miss something like this. Don’t forget that this is the trendiest thing out their right now and all you ladies will surely want to have your hands on them. Everyone wants their attire to be stylish yet comfortable as this butterfly Abaya has tight sleeves and a beautiful flowy cut it is comfortable to wear and can be worn for almost all occasions and events and most importantly wudu can performed in it easily. This Butterfly Abaya is available in black and other colors as well. But a plain black Jilbab paired with a red scarf takes the whole look to a new level. Butterfly Abaya is the new style of 2016-17. It is designed in a way that it is flowy and yet easy to carry and along with that it is loosely fitted that is perfect to beat the heat. Hijab can take your look to a whole new level by the way it is wrapped. How to look exclusive is no more a difficult question the new butterfly Abaya is the answer to it. So now looking beautiful and trendy is all you want with this New Butterfly Abaya.

Butterfly: Abaya the New Trend

new butterfly abaya

This picture shows a black Abaya but we can see it is so sleek and different this is the new butterfly Abaya as butterfly has wings the sleeves are designed in the same manner.

new butterfly abaya

This is a plain black Abaya with a ban neckline that has purple embellishments and also the sleeves that are tightly fitted but this Abaya has a beautiful fall.


new butterfly abaya

This picture shows an Abaya that has a printed body attached to it and the same printed fabric is used to edge the whole Abaya.

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