The Latest Pakistani Fashion Dresses For 2017-2018

Marias Pakistani Bridal Wear Collection 2014 2015 3 The Latest Pakistani Fashion Dresses For 2017-2018

The Latest Pakistani Fashion Dresses Pictures Collection

Pakistani girls are always interested in the latest fashion and we are here to provide you with the latest images of Pakistani fashion for 2016. With the year almost drawing to a close, I thought of bringing to you a series of Pakistani designs which you might’ve worn throughout the year. Some styles might be fashion hits or misses, you decide. Also, let me know if you are a true believer in following fashion. Do you wear the latest trends or do you pick and choose to wear only what you admire. Some people worship celebrities and their style. I am quite neutral, as I always buy pieces which I could wear over a few years, rather than solely for this season. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some items of clothing which are fashion for the season which I simply love and had to purchase, even if the fashion would only last for a season. I know the hottest trend this year was the introduction of the umbrella styled anarkalis. We will be featuring them once again right here. If you simply love the umbrella style eastern designs, do have a look at our previous coverage on just the umbrella style for Pakistani traditional wear by clicking on the link here.

Pakistani Fashion Through My Eyes

Okay, so quite recently I sent an image to a friend of a Pakistani salwar kameez and apparently it was an old design. It just crossed my mind that I never thought of there being Pakistani fashion where traditional eastern wear is concerned. Normally, we look at an eastern outfit and just buy it without thinking if it’s the latest fashion or not. I always thought all the eastern wear are the same. Ever since researching on Pakistani clothing and their style, I have come to know what the differences are between all the types of clothing. I must admit it is quite confusing, as the names I am used to are very different. Like a sharara is a skirt with a top and we call it a garara. Then there’s the salwar kameez which is a pants and top, which we call a Punjab. The lehnga is something which is Pakistani and has no traditional Indian equivalent. Likewise, the sari has no Pakistani equivalent.

The Latest Pakistani Fashion For 2017-2018

For the Anarkali, we have seen the umbrella design which uses a multitude of fabric layers to create a beautiful volume at the bottom of the anarkali which would create a graceful effect when moved by the wind. I have found an image of a bridal anarkali design and have inserted it below. It is also in a multitude of colours. There were many amazing bridal designs which I was very tempted to share with you but refrained from it as I thought it deserved the cover feature which I will be doing soon, over the next few days. Yes, I know, the wait is not ideal but we must add some form of anticipation and build-up to a killer feature, ha-ha!

Images of Wonderful Pakistani Anarkali And Salwar Kameez Designs

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