The Latest Images of Gold Bridal Necklace Designs

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 Images Latest Gold Necklace Designs Bridal Ideas

The latest images of gold bridal necklace designs is what we will have a look at today. I was so amazed at all the designs. There are so many options fro brides to choose from and with the jewellery designs incorporating modern styles, you don’t need to feel embarrassed to wear traditional jewellery. The modern styles for young brides will make you want to wear it on special occasions too and not just out of tradition on your wedding day. This is the first installment of our bridal jewellery necklace designs, but be sure to have a look at more bridal designs here.

Gold Bridal Necklace Designs

In the Indian and Pakistani culture, brides wear gold necklaces on their wedding day. In the Indian culture, the groom purchases the gold necklace with earrings for the bride to wear on her wedding day. I have seen this traditional carried out for all my life and it is not something I agree with. Most young girls that get married accept it since it is welcomed by the elders in the family and they don’t want to break the family or cultural tradition. They also don’t want people to talk or give people a reason to talk… you know how it goes. But my view is, if you aren’t going to wear it after your wedding day, then why waste money? In the past, the gold chain with black beads (litso as we call it), was worn by the bride on her wedding day and for the rest of her life, however, I don’t see young brides wearing them everyday. It is probably because we live in a crime infested country and walking around with gold dangling around your neck will draw attention and make you a soft target for mugging.

Different Types of Gold Necklaces

Choosing a gold  necklace design for your wedding day can be over-whelming. These days there are many designs found online. You can choose between the choker, which I think is absolutely gorgeous! Okay, so I take that back, I would wear the necklace, but the choker is not something you could wear again as it is very fancy. Then you get the traditional long chains with levels. These are the most worn chains by Indian and Pakistani brides. I know most brides like to wear gold chains but you do get a combination of gold and gems. I found a design which you might be interested in. I personally don’t like gold, but a combination of gold and gems looks amazing. There are also modern designs which are made very popular by modern brides. Also, celebrities influence which designs are made under mass production. I have attached a gold bridal necklace worn by a Bollywood celebrity in a movie. Do have a look below for my collection and let me know which design you would choose.

Traditional Gold Bridal Necklace Design Images

images latest gold necklace designs bridal amazing-necklace-for-bridal-new-design images latest gold necklace designs bridal

Images of Gold Bridal Choker Designs


Long Gold Bridal Wedding Necklace Images

malabar-gold_necklace_collection gold-necklace-designs-in-joyaluakkas indian-gold-necklace-designs-catalogue-trends-for-designer-gold-jewellery-catalogueModern and Celebrity Gold Necklace For Bridal Wear

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