The Latest Hijab Fashion in Australia

hijab fashion Australia

Today, we will look at hijab fashion in Australia and gain some style tips from these fashionable Muslim women in modest clothing. Hijabis world-wide are looking for new fashion which is different and unique to accompany their look. Girls are also following international runway trends and Melbourne is the fashion hub to follow. We will show you a range of Islamic looks which you could wear. There are many different abaya styles currently worn in Australia and it’s not your usual styled abaya. We will be showing you the latest dresses, the maxi dress/shirt in particular. If you like any of the styles below, be sure to have a look at online stores where you could buy the latest in modest Islamic fashion.

Casual Australian Hijab Fashion

hijab fashion AustraliaThe harem pants are quite popular and fashionable at the moment. A black pants is always an essential.
hijab fashion Australia

A different take on the harem pants. Printed loose fitting trousers are also on trend.

hijab fashion Australia

The maxi shirt with a crisp white pants.

hijab fashion AustraliaTurned up denim pants are high fashion and wearing it with a blazer takes your look to a different level.

hijab fashion Australia

A stylish and simple look.

Islamic Runway Looks

These looks are quite edgy and inspired by modern western fashion. It might not be a look for everyone, but there are definitely things to have a second look at.

hijab fashion Australiahijab fashion Australiahijab fashion Australia

Abaya Designs You Can Buy Online

These beautiful abayas are available on the Inayah website for purchasing. These abayas are simply gorgeous.
hijab fashion Australiahijab fashion AustraliaOccasional Hijab Fashion Australia

hijab fashion Australia

A lovely tailored jacket with embroidery detail.

hijab fashion Australia

This is a stunning dress you could wear to a wedding or special occasion.

That brings us to the end of hijab fashion in Australia. Hope I enthralled you with new fashion styles.