The Hijab on the Turf

The Hijab on the turf

The role of women in the 20th Century has changed drastically; the world has become more flexible and tolerable when it comes to women and outdoor activities. What once used to be a patriarchal society now is more balanced. Women find equal opportunities when it comes to the corporate world and the sports world. Where women are discovering their talents every day, and are being supported to be more than housewives, somehow we find the Muslim girl still lacking behind. We know for sure, that the Muslim girl is just as talented as any other woman, and has just as many aspirations and ambitions to achieve. In the corporate world, you can still see them acting out, they are confident and absolutely sure about what they want. However, in the sports world, according to the sport England it has been found that less than one Muslim woman in five, indulge in outdoor exercises, and some think may be its because of the dress code. Could a sport Hijab help?

The Hijab on the turf

What is a Hijab and why is it so important for Muslim women? A Hijab is a scarf women wear on the head to hide and cover their hair. Even on normal days, women have to go through a lot of trouble pinning their scarf so that they don’t keep slipping off. One can only imagine how tough it might be for Muslim women who play sports to keep their Hijab from falling off. However, British martial arts champion Ruqsana Begum believes she has solved the problem for all the Muslim women who aspire to play sports. She has come up with her very own original design of Hijab, made out of a special material.

“They’re made of Lycra, they’re stretchy and don’t need pins,” she said. “A woman or girl would just pull it over her head and be ready to play sport. They’re also moisture-resistant.”

The question now is, whether this would encourage Muslim women around the world to take part in outdoor sports or not? According to Ruqsana, there are other reasons why Muslim women don’t play sports, and one of them is the lack of education, awareness about sports and general confidence. Muslim women around the world have so many athletes they can be inspired by, for example Sania Mirza, Sarah el Attar and of course Ruqsana Begum. Here is to hoping more awareness is spread, so that more Muslim women aspire to come in the sports league!