The Brand New Latest Abaya of 2016

This year 2016 has bought in with itself many new trends in the fashion industry and also in Abaya and hijabs. Ladies who wear Abaya don’t want to lack behind they surely want to follow all the latest styles and fashion. Every year brings new fashion trends with it and same is the case with 2016-17 be it playing with colors or cuts. Exclusive Abaya Boutiques are now made from where you choose your favorite piece and those stores have all the accessories that are required such as hijab Abaya pins and broches. Firstly Abaya were mostly worn in the color black but not anymore, now they are made in various colors and prints also. Simple Abaya is for day to day life and embellished abaya are specially designed for special events and occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties. For all those who have an issue in how to wrap a hijab can look online for videos. So beautiful ladies what else do you want in life when all your dressing problems are now solved all you have to do is just go and grab your favorite piece from the new abaya collection of 2016.


2016 Latest & New Abaya Collection

new latest abaya 2016

This picture shows an plain black Abaya but it has an embroided rose motif on its left side and the abaya also has an slit starting from the knee till the end whole look is kept simple and decent.

new latest abaya 2016

This is again a plain black Abaya but it is matched with a coffee ribbon that is used all around it and printed fabric is also used on the neckline.

new latest abaya 2016

This is a black abaya that has a belt on its waist along with huge bell sleeves and some embroided motifs. Some printed material is used inside the sleeve.


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