The 2016-17 Abaya Fashion show in Dubai Mall

You have another reason to visit Dubai, to go attend the Abaya Fashion show 2016-17, in the Dubai Mall! The Abaya dress is an Islamic dress code worn by Muslim women around the world. Although Muslim countries around the world have their own typical Abaya designs, the traditional form is a black cloak like outer garment. However, nowadays women who wear Abayas, in their efforts of looking more stylish, have started altering this traditional form. And Dubai is one name when it comes to such new exclusive Abaya designs. Dubai is famous for hosting extravagant fashion shows, and it has also been keeping such special events solely dedicated to Abayas.

This event is anticipated with much excitement, as all these fashion shows are brilliant and they showcase world class designers and their clothes. People from all over UAE and Middle East such as Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait come to attend the fashion show. Modern Muslim women must attend the fashion show as they are targeted especially at them! The Abayas are available for everyone, ranging from Abayas for young teenage girls to Abayas for mums! This will be a great event to attend like every year! So mark your calendars, and leave all your prior activities and make time for Dubai this year!

What Would Abaya Fashion Show in Dubai Mall 2016-17 be like?

abaya fashion show dubai mall 2016-17

A gorgeous example of the designs being showcased at the Fashion Show

abaya fashion show dubai mall 2016-17

Do you love the color combination? Well this is what he Fashion Show is all about!

abaya fashion show dubai mall 2016-17

An idea of what the ramp walk is like. Don’t you want to be a part of it? Well you can! This year attend the Abaya Fashion Show in Dubai!

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