Summer Style: Drape Hijab

What is in this summer? It is definitely the drape Hijab style! If you’re wondering what it is, it’s like a maxi scarf, however, it is flowier and a little longer, and may be even more fabulous! It would be a great gift to give to your friend! If you want to wear it with an outfit, maybe you should consider our tips! It would go with any fashion, whether you wear jeans or if you wear an Abaya, however there are many ways of wearing it. You can tie it as a khaleeji for a more formal look, or wear is it is if your want to remain casual. All we know it that either way, you will look classy! If you find it difficult to make a drape Hijab, don’t worry, there are a lot of tutorials available online to help you! You can learn many quick and easy hijab styles from there and that too in 5 minutes! Every girl should try it! But remember you all have different face shapes, and we want you to choose the style that would suit you the most! Scroll down for the pictures, and design your whole outfit!

Pictures: Drape Hijab the New Summer Style!

summer drape hijab style

This is a fun and easy way of tying a drape Hijab! Definitely try this at home!

summer drape hijab style

Okay, firstly we must admit that we LOVE this color!! Secondly, this is so easy!!!! PLEASE try this at home!

summer drape hijab style

Again a simple yet funky Hijab style! And we love the hair accessory!

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