Stylish Summer and Spring Hijab Tutorials This Year For Beginners

Here are the few really elegant and stylish summer hijab tutorials for beginners. Summer of 2016 is right around the corner. And hijab styles and fashions are changing for many. Summer is a time of great joy and bright colors but with that it is also the time of hot weather and that is one thing which makes people want to avoid going out of the house or getting dressed or anything of that sort. But these latest and funky hijab styles would make you want to get dressed and follow these latest styles of hijab and roam around the market and stand out in your peers. The pictures below show a few of the designs for summer hijab for the beginners.

New Tutorials: Summer Hijab For Beginners

summer hijab tutorial for beginners

Summer or spring is the time for flowers and bright colors. The above style or hijab is in static chiffon and is printed or as the modern world likes to call it digital prints. The contrast of bright and neutral colors is a very trending style and the hijab designers have also given it a bit of their own touch. This particular design can be made in any color and in any print.

summer hijab tutorial for beginners

White is the color of summer as it is considered to be a very cool and a very calm color which brings peace to the environment. The tutorial above easily explains a different and a chic looking hijab style in just four steps. The tie and die cloth piece used for the headscarf or hijab compliments the white color and makes it a great combination for women to wear. This scarf can be worn in any color combination.

summer hijab tutorial for beginners


Yellow and green are said to be the color of spring and are considered as the colors which brighten your mood. The tutorial above shows how to make an easy and an elegant looking scarf out of such a cloth piece. This style is for the beginners who like to style themselves and stand out in a group of people. These are a few of the tutorials for the hijab styles to be worn this summer or even spring.

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