Stylish Hijab: Scarves in India

hijab scarves india

The Muslim minority in India have a different style of wearing hijab scarves. There are Muslim women all around the world and every country has its distinct fashion styles and trends.  A headscarf is mandatory for Muslim women, as it covers their head and chest from any male outside the family. There are many Islamic boutiques in India that sell hijabs and Abayas. Many Muslim women also like to flaunt their religious identity using easy yet elegant hijab styles. Not many girls are seen wearing hijab with an Abaya, however most do represent modernity by wearing it with jeans, dresses or a traditional saree. A saree is a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, it is the traditional dress of India. Muslim girls usually opt for saree with full sleeves. Saree can be heavily embellished for weddings, where as a plain cotton saree can be worn as an everyday outfit. Many tutorials are also available on how to wear a headscarf with saree. Girls always want to look fashionable, so to satisfy their demands, designers have opened up their boutiques. Some selling expensive hijabs that go up to about a lakh, where as some sell cheap hijabs which are affordable by the majority. Girls in India can take help from all the latest fashion collections of 2016-17 to come up with their own trendy styles of hijab scarves.

Hijab: Scarves in India

The following images show how a hijab can be carried with a saree for an elegant yet trendy look.

hijab scarves india hijab scarves india hijab scarves india