Stylish Front Open Double Shirt Frock and Gown Designs 2017-2018


Stylish Front Open Double Shirt Frock and Gown Designs Pictures 2017-2018

Heya! Looking for front open double shirt frock and gown designs for Eid or any special occasion. Well, I have all the latest designs here just for you. These styles are truly special and each design has its own style and uniqueness. These are common Pakistani styles of clothing which are worn on special occasions by girls throughout Pakistan. Pakistani girls love to dress up and wear special clothing. For more fabulous designs, click here.

Traditional Front Open Frock Designs

The traditional front open frock is the design I grew up with. It was an eastern styled dress with 2 open flaps in front and a long skirt underneath. I remember my sister wearing one for Eid as a child. It was a beautiful blue shade.

Images of The Traditional Open Front Frock Style

Stylish Front Open Double Shirt Frock and Gown Designs 2017-2018

This is the traditional front open double shirt design which I know. They used the most loved colours worn by Pakistani brides, red and gold. The colours provide a sense of royalty and richness which can only be achieved with gold. The beautiful embroidery work with gold thread makes this style more exquisite. This is a ramp look so it might not be for your every day budget, but it is worth saving for and will definitely be a showstopper should you decide on wearing it.

Modern Open Double Front Shirt Frock Design

Like all traditional things, clothing too gets modified with the modern twist. I still can’t believe how people have changed the traditional food recipes and added modern methods of preparing them or modern ingredients to change them. Likewise, traditional eastern clothing has evolved to follow trends by the western world. Just as you should never change a winning recipe, I think the same should apply to traditional clothing. However, I know many girls would disagree. For those who love the modern eastern clothing, I have found quite a collection for you so do have a look below. I would also like to know what style you generally go fro when buying your outfit. Are you daring, simple or lavish like me? ha-ha!


This outfit is made using the nude palette. I actually love it. The design of this front open double shirt is inspired by the western high-low. A hi-low is a dress or shirt which has a shorter length in front, this is the ” high ” and the long length at the back is the ” low “. For western girls who are too overwhelmed by the colourful eastern outfits, this outfit is quite subdued with colours.

Front Open Double Frock Gown For Special Occasions

Stylish Front Open Double Shirt Frock and Gown Designs 2017-2018

One thing which I noticed of Pakistani style clothing is they are very long. The shirt is long and the skirt as well. Normally I would wear a long shirt with a fitted pants, but the Pakistani style would be wearing a long shirt with a long skirt, as seen above. They would even wear a long shirt with a long wide pants, or plazzo pants.

open-frocks-and-double-shirt-dresses-collection-2017-2018 Stylish Front Open Double Shirt Frock and Gown Designs 2017-2018 front-open-double-shirt-frock Stylish Front Open Double Shirt Frock and Gown Designs 2017-2018

Open Front Double Shirt Style


Ohmyword! I am so obsessed with those balls which hang below the shirt. I noticed it’s a prominent feature on eastern outfits. Can anyone tell me what it’s called? Comment below please.

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