Stylish Fashion Abaya in Islamic Clothing

fashion abaya islamic clothing

Islamic clothing for women and Abaya fashion in Islamic context is very much based on traditional aspects. Arab world and mostly Middle Eastern countries follow dress codes that are very much in line with Islamic context and convey the concept of their women being modest and decent at the same time. However, few Muslim countries have stylized this dress code according to their way and own personal prefernces. Many new latest dresses and styles by fashion designers are inspired by the traditional way of wearing Abaya for e.g. Kaftan and Jalabiya. Many new exclusive stylish designs and trends are added to the basic pattern of Abaya thus making it different and unique. Many designers in Dubai master the art of designing Abaya’s for women and girls. They try to come up with styles that can be worn by women of all ages and are suitable for any kind of occasions like weddings etc. Moreover, Abaya or Hijab is no longer the same, many varieties are added to it and just like every season a new designer collection is launched, similarly every year (2016-2017), new fashionable collection is launched for Abaya’s. Apart from this many designers and shop have online websites where women can order the design they want and can receive it on their doorstep, thus making it easier for them to buy new Abaya’s for every season. Islamic Abaya as a part of Islamic clothing is not longer based on traditional fashion, modifications and variations have been added to the traditional way of wearing Abaya or Hijab.  

Fashion Abaya in Islamic Clothing Styles

fashion abaya islamic clothing fashion abaya islamic clothing fashion abaya islamic clothing