Stylish Dresses by Pakistani Designer Sana Safinaz 2016-2017

pakistani dresses designer sana safinaz

The leading Pakistani dresses designer Sana Safinaz who is all the rage nowadays has launched its Eid collection for 2016-2017 and the summer collection too uptil now. Both have been a great hit. Retailers ran out of Sana Safinaz’s stock the day their collection was launched. Such is the demand for this amazing designer who not just sells its dresses in Pakistan but also in Dubai. The dresses designed by Sana Safinaz designer house are simply stunning and catch the attention of the buyers immediately. As a fact, pictures for the dresses become available on internet before launch and hence, women order these beforehand to avoid any problem that might occur if the stock runs out. The best part is, Sana Safinaz is a designer and so charges high prices for its collection. Be it lawn, silk or chiffon but these ladies out there totally ignore the price tags attached. All they care about is the name attached and that is Sana Safinaz the high and mighty designer of Pakistani dresses. The brand Sana Safinaz has brought tremendous success ffor its main designers, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz ever since it was first introduced. Basically the main reason why they have been immensely successful so far is because they also keep up with the latest tends prevailing in the market. For instance in the eid collection 2016, Sana Safinaz incorporate the style that is currently ruling the market. That is short fully embroidered shirts with bell bottoms. About 4 to 5 designs consisted were of this pattern. Pakistani women as we now know tend to buy only those dresses which are in fashion. For instance, nowadays no one actually wears shalwar with shirts as they used to before. Only trousers, straight pants, tulip pants, ejars are now demanded. Sana Safinaz, hence only launches those dresses which are sure to loved by the ladies. Also every women out there knows that the designs of the dresses by Sana Safinaz are brilliant and completely outdo other brands. Their embroidery, fabric, colours of the dresses are simply outstanding and so are obviously loved by the female population.


Look The Very Best With These Pakistani Dresses For Eid 2016-2017

Ladies if you are looking forward to make your eid special then trust me, Sana Safinaz is your only pass to look the most beautiful and stunning person in the crowd. Thats the speciality of this designer, it makes you stand out. This is your chance of making this Eid the very best. Enjoy it with Sana Safinaz. You will get this true feeling of eid with this beautiful eid collection in awesome colours. For instance, there is this amazing dress with a beige blue contrast which is sure to make you look cool on Eid day. Then there is this dress with the vibrant colours, green and brown which will make you look truly exotic. Cant wait for all this, right? Grab your dress, girls right now. Check these pictures of the best Pakistani designer fancy eid dresses.



Latest Pakistani Dresses Designer Sana Safinaz Designs 2016-2017

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