Stylish Different Black Long Frocks Designs 2017-2018

peach black gown style indian designer anarkali frock f15080 701 Stylish Different Black Long Frocks Designs 2017-2018

Latest Black Long Frocks Designs Collection

Girls like Black Long Frocks Designs and for some reason many girls like wearing black. I just got the weirdest dialogue in my head now,” black makes you look thin and green makes you look fat!” Ha-ha! That was from Kabhi Khushie Kabhi Gham. I don’t know how true this phenomenon is but many people believe that wearing black makes you look thin. I have never worn black so I can’t speak from experience. Oh, wait, I just realised I wear black everyday without realising! We wear black abayas when performing salaah but I never take note of whether it makes me look thin or not. I think the dark colour hides all your imperfections. The sad truth is that you may look thin but you aren’t really. But if you want to loose weight instantly or look like a few inches smaller, wear a black frock. Wearing a churidar makes you look fatter because of all the fabric and the cut of the frock is not very flattering. I think black would be  a  great idea where this is concerned. I have many previous articles on helping you find the perfect churidar, anarkali and Punjabi suit designs. These eastern frocks are incomplete without beautiful traditional jewellery and you will find some lovely styles here.

Wearing Black Frocks

It would be undesirable to wear a black frock to certain occasions. Wearing a black frock on your wedding will have people talking. Firstly, your mom, khala, phupu and nani will talk you out of it. I saw a black frock with black veil and black hijab worn on a wedding day and it didn’t look that great. It was too dark.  I wore a black batwing kaftan to a wedding once, but it was an evening wedding so it was okay and it was during winter. Winter weddings are difficult to dress to and people don’t wear very special clothing to it because they don’t want to waste money on an outfit which they will hardly wear. Weddings are hardly in winter. But, if you are experiencing Winter for Eid, as I am then black frocks would be perfect to add to your wardrobe. I am thinking, buying a black anarkali might not be such a bad idea after all.

Black Anarkali Frock Designs and Colours

So, we all know that the killer colour combination for black is black and gold or black and red. Those are amazing colour combinations for mature women. For young girls I would suggest black and pink with green or yellow. I have seen one amazing anarkali design in those colours. It was in one of my first posts on Pakistani frock styles. Sometimes wearing solid black looks very dark and it’s good to break the all black look with a bright colour or a contrasting light colour. The contrast in colour will make you stand out from the crowd even more.

Black Frock Designs


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Black and Gold Frock Designs

Black Long Frocks Designs Black Long Frocks Designs long-tailed-black-dress-designs Colourful Black Long Anarkali Frock Designs 2017

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