Stylish and New Indian Frock Designs For 2017-2018

New Stylish Anarkali Frocks Girl Wear Collection 2016 By Bride Galleria 6 Stylish and New Indian Frock Designs For 2017-2018

Stylish and New Indian & Pakistani Frock Designs For 2017-2018

You were probably searching for new stylish frock designs for Eid, but why not look at new designs for 2017. I have been quite busy lately so I’m sorry I haven’t brought you new designs for Eid, but for Eid-Ul-Adha we generally don’t wear fancy clothing. We normally wear fancy clothing for Eid-Ul-Fitr. If you have not seen my previous blog on Pakistani frock designs or you have forgotten about it and want to refresh your memory, click here.

Pakistani Frock Designs

I have  always thought of eastern wear to be old fashioned and not an option to wear for this reason. But as the years have passed by and new designers started experimenting with new styles, I have gained an interest in them again. I have always worn the Punjabi suit as a child. We only wore eastern clothing for Eid. We wear western clothing every day. There was a time in my life where  I didn’t wear eastern clothing for many years, for most of my teenage years. The reason? Well, at that time it was not fashion and teenagers weren’t wearing it. Over the past few years, 4 or  5 years, most people wear eastern clothing for weddings, Eids, any special occasion and it is very popular and socially acceptable to wear. We even have cultural days where people of different cultures would wear eastern clothing. I absolutely love eastern clothing and I am slowly creating my own collection. I want to buy one of each style so that it looks different each time I wear eastern clothing.

New Frock Designs Images

If you thought you saw it all in 2016, wait for 2017 where things get more stylish and interesting. This year we had the high-low finding its place in the eastern fashion outlets. I wonder what western clothing design will be influencing the design style for next year. Eastern frock designs were also inspired by the umbrella abaya. I must confess I still do not own an umbrella abaya. If I had to choose between buying a new abaya and a new frock, which would I choose? Obviously the frock. By now you should know I only wear the abaya to perform salaah and to attend a janazah. I don’t wear it at all during the day or as an item of clothing. However, I have my eye on a Dolce and Gabanna inspired abay style. I was supposed to buy it for this Eid but I found and amazing frock in sea green. So, the frock wins again.

Pakistani Frock Designs For 2017

I have found some amazing images of Pakistani frocks. They are found in new designs which is great for the young girls who need to wear their cultural clothing but also want to be trendy and follow the latest trends around the world. The fact that the frocks are designed in the latest western styles also brings interest from foreign ladies around the world, living in western countries.

Pakistani Frock Design Images For 2017

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