Stylish and Modern Khaleeji Abaya Collection

Khaleeji Abaya collection is not the same as that of Almirah and Alyashmac Abaya accumulation of 2016-2017 as ladies and fashioners have diverse courses through which they can translate and adjust different plans and styles. Numerous new present day styles are exceptionally selective and diverse; they are motivated from different plans and styles so as to make them look trendy. Islamic styles of hijab and Abaya are extremely straightforward and simple to take after however with the advancement in planning new outlines are being presented which are exceptionally mind boggling and complex to take after. Khaleeji Abaya gathering concentrates on presenting complex hijab and Abaya styles as it were, which ladies can effortlessly receive. They stay in accordance with the customary example of Abaya i.e. long Abaya with full sleeves. Originators regularly think that its hard to veer off from the first shade of Abaya i.e. dark and in this way numerous fashioners even today present Abaya gathering that is generally in dark shading and Khaleeji Abaya accumulation is one of them.

Khaleeji Abaya Collection 2016-17

Khaleeji Abaya Collection

This image shows a front open Abaya, which has an embroidered motif in the front. This type of Abaya’s are mostly suitable for brides.

Khaleeji Abaya Collection


This image shows Abaya that has been stylized with embroidery both the edges of the front kimono type gown and on the waist of the dress thus making it look different and formal.

Khaleeji Abaya Collection

Printed Hijabs with plain Abaya’s are mostly worn by women for casual purposes.

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