Stylish Abaya Fashion in Bahrain 2016-17

bahrain abaya fashion

Abaya fashion in Bahrain is quite similar to the Abaya fashion followed in Dubai. Abaya worn by girls or women in Bahrain is mostly in the Jalabiya or Kaftan style. Arab style or Middle Eastern dresses are mostly modest, as they tend to represent women as a symbol of decency and purity. Latest and new trends and stylish designs are being made by designers, which make women look fashionable. Many designers have introduced the concept of custom made designs, which are mainly for exclusive customers.  Islamic clothing for Muslim women is mostly based on the concept of religion. Religion is the driving force behind dresses for Muslim women. Moreover, the trends and styles for Abaya’s keep changing along with other existing fashion trends. Every year new styles and designs are introduced, for instance the style and designs for 2016-2017 would be different from that of 2017-2018. Apart from this, many girls shop online or they take help from online tutorials in order to learn new designs and styles, which can help them, look different unique everyday. Online tutorials enable them to learn various new ways through which they can stylize their Abaya or hijab in whatever way possible. They can alter existing Abaya’s or hijabs according to their own personal preferences. Abaya fashion in Bahrain is not based on the traditional aspect of Abaya yet it still manages to complete the concept of, “Why a Muslim woman is asked to wear Abaya?”

Abaya Fashion in Bahrain Styles

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