Styles of Hijab followed in Saudi Arabia

Hijab Style Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is very strict in terms of proper Islamic clothing especially when it comes to women and therefore the fashion related to Hijab and its style in Saudi Arabia is based on the traditional aspect of wearing Hijab. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to go out alone, they are not allowed to drive. They prefer their women to look modest all the time. In Saudi Arabia women are legally forced to wear Abaya or Hijab it is a part of their law. Therefore, Hijab fashion in Saudi Arabia is based on traditional aspects. The Arab and the Middle Eastern style of following Islamic clothing are quite different from that of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, women cannot even think of wearing hijab on jeans. They have to wear proper Abaya and their head should be covered all the time along with their body. Exclusive and stylish new designs and ways of wearing Abaya are mostly followed in Dubai, where women want to look fashionable at all times. Moreover, women living in Dubai rely very much on online shops to buy new ways of hijabs and Abaya. However, Hijab fashion and styles in Saudi Arabia is different from the fashion followed in other Muslim countries. Women wear Abaya and Hijab even on formal occasions. Hijab is very simple there hence it can be achieved in less than 2 minutes, as it is very simple and easy to follow. Abaya or Hijab collection in Saudi Arabia have winter and summer collection, which make a woman look fashionable hence beautiful and attractive. Hijab style in Saudi Arabia is simple, modest and decent

Hijab Style in Saudi Arabia

Hijab Style Saudi ArabiaThis image shows a woman wearing a traditional dress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hijab Style Saudi ArabiaHijab Style Saudi Arabia