Style Covered Hijab: Muslim Style and Fashion

The Muslim girl has a distinct sense of fashion, it is called the style covered Hijab. The purpose of the Hijab is to cover the head of the girl. Before, it was like a simple cloth worn over the head, however nowadays there are so many ways and styles of tying a Hijab. The women have come out with ways of looking stylish and elegant with Hijabs and Abayas; the entire dress is beautiful. There are so many rising designers nowadays who specialize in Hijabs and Abayas, only to try and making the Muslim woman look gorgeous and beautiful. The latest fashion states that you mix and match colors of your Abaya and Hijab, and wear funky jewelry or carry nice accessories to really bring out the bling in your dress. The Muslim woman truly is a sight of beauty, innocence and simplicity!

Pictures of Style Covered Hijabs: The Muslim style and Fashion

stylecovered hijab fashion and muslim style

This is an example of what a style covered Hijab looks like. Its wrapped in a stylish way to emphasize the outfit.

stylecovered hijab fashion and muslim style

There are tutorials such as these and many more that can help you teach about Hijabs and Abayas.

stylecovered hijab fashion and muslim style

Remeber we said something about mix and match? This is what we meant.

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