Stiletto Nails in the Current Fashion 2017

Stiletto Nails, an Introduction:


Stiletto nails are also called “fake nails” these are artificial nails and are usually made of plastic. These are attached to natural nails and serve as extension which can be shaped in to the desires form. Stiletto nails got famous in fashion industry due to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Fergie, these type of nails are not new but these stiletto tip nails have been in the market since 50s and 60s. With the growth of trends women mostly like to use dark looking colors. Long nails have been in the fashion for too long but the stiletto nails have their own importance and that is because of the boldness and versatility of stiletto nails designs. These nails are not like the rounded tip nails these are more pointed and their length is more than usual long nails. These stiletto acrylic nails are cool looking and they are extreme in nature and also they seems to be more fake. But there is one dark side by wearing stiletto nails you should be careful because it can cause injury. However, people wear stiletto nails because they love the look. You can have various colors in stiletto nails but stiletto nails black and stiletto nails pink are mostly worn.

Stiletto Nails in the Current Fashion

Talking about long nails, you can do anything on the stiletto nails because these provide more surface area than the conventional round tip nails. So any idea related to design can be possible on these stiletto nails. In fact you can convert your natural nails to stiletto but it would be better to have stiletto false nails.

How To Do Stiletto Nails?

How to do stiletto nails?

Hot trend are hard to overlook and when it comes to long nails especially like the super stars are rocking it is hard to ignore. For both the long stiletto nails and the short stiletto nails the procedure is same, it may look a complicated but actually it is quite simple, we will tell you how to apply them.

Things You Need:

When it comes to keeping pace with latest trend there are two places where women can fulfil their demand, a costly saloon or your own home, yes DIY it. If you got enough finances that you can afford saloon then just go in and ask for it but if you prefer at home it will be easy too. Having stiletto tip nails is easy, you should have some things on you. These materials and tools can be readily available at beauty store, materials and tool you need to have includes,

  • Packet of long nails in square shape
  •  A bottle of nail adhesive
  • One nail Clipper and filer for nails
  • A cuticle Pusher
  • Nail polish i.e. clear one
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Some of the design elements like glitters, rhinestones and decals whatever you like

Start By Trimming Down Your Nails:

Before starting your natural nails should clean and short. Before going towards stiletto nails procedure shortening natural nails is a good choice because stiletto nails may damage your natural nails. Wash your hands with warm water and remove any oil or lotion that might be on nails.

Do Your Cuticles:

Before applying fake nails you have to push back the cuticles because it will make room for fake nails and also it will look neater. Using cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles. It will be better to do this process after you wash your hand because the skin will be soft and more pliable. Do not try to cut the cuticles because it can cause fungal infection to introduce into the nails.

Base Coat:

Apply a layer of base coat on your nails it will ensure that you do not damage your nails when you remove the fake once. Coat your nails with clear nail polish two to three times. Before applying the fake nails let the clear coat dry.

Attach The Fakes:

Stiletto nails have a pointy shape and it is not recommended to grow natural nails in that shape because it is easy to break them and for the purpose fake nails are best option to make stiletto nails. Stiletto false nails can be shaped as you like them to be. When you are ready apply a dot of glue on the fake nail and press it on your natural nail. For about 10 seconds hold the nail let them attach. Repeat this process with all of your nails. The adhesive last for few days and if you want to wear nails for few hours use double tape.

Trimming The Shape To Stiletto Nails:

Then comes the process to trim down your fake nails to stiletto nail shape. Take the clipper and cut the fake nails at an angle. It is up to you whether you want the short stiletto nails or long. Trim a little bit to avoid making the nails too short or narrow. Mark a center point and then cut appropriately on both sides.

File to Fine them:

After cutting the sides now it’s time to file the fake nails, you have to even them from the rough shape. Use emery board to sand away any rough or jagged edges while keeping the face pointy.

Applying Nail Polish:

For stiletto nails there are many designs and nail polish available. You can browse through the internet or come up with your own ideas. Majorly there are two choices one is matching and other is contrast you can have stiletto nails pink and stiletto nails black as well. You can also add glitter, nail decals, polka dots or stripes to create awesome look. There can be countless stiletto nails designs it’s up to you how you like them.

Removing Stiletto Nails:

Cuticle oil can be used to loosen up the stiletto acrylic nails, there are other chemical too that can be used but it is less harsh. Put a drop of oil and let it soak then try move it back and forth to remove it. If it does not work try with few more drops, and if still the stiletto nails are on try different removal method. Acetone based nail polish remover can be used instead if cuticle oil and warm water do not work. Put some acetone nail polish remover in a bowl and dip your hand in it.

Thing To Keep in Mind Before Doing Stiletto Nails:

As per the look is concern stiletto nails are adorable but there are certain down sides. Productivity of your life will cut down to half as stiletto nails are long and will hinder in the way. If you work on computer then it is more probable that soon you will develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Applying makeup with fingernails will be uphill battle. With the stiletto nails on, you will start appreciating simple thing in life. You may be limited to easy to put on clothing and it would be difficult to navigate through zips and buttons. Holding things will be terribly difficult. You will get wrong password 9 out of 10 times and that’s because of these stiletto nails. If you are a working women then there is a chance that you may be fired soon because stiletto nails in formal setting not a chance.

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