Exercise along the beach

20160514 131447 Exercise along the beach



Normally I would wake up on the weekend, have breakfast and exercise. This morning however was different. We decided to jog along the beach! It was an overcast day and we are experiencing autumn at this time of year. The clouds were thick and ready to burst any moment into a sea of tears, but we were mad enough to take a 45 min drive out to Bloubergstrand, the closest beach to home.20160514_151214

Make fitness exciting

Many people are lazy to exercise or need encouragement or motivation. It may be difficult to exercise daily and restrain from unhealthy eating habits, but the results out-weigh the sacrifices (most of the time!) Try to exercise in a new environment. Try and get a jogging buddy to accompany you. Even change your exercise regime if you must, but get moving as much as possible 🙂

So, we arrived at our destination and felt a few droplets and started laughing. The beach was isolated and it was biting cold, but we were determined to jog as we were planning it for a while and didn’t get to it.


Jogging along the shoreline is quite refreshing and as we passed the buildings and residential areas, we slowly approached the food outlets! I know! This defeats the purpose of exercising and I really wasn’t intending on eating ANY form of take-away, but when I walked into KFC and saw their amazing views in the eating area, I had to have lunch!

20160514_144008 No, I’m not on a liquid diet, that’s all that was left to show you! Ha-ha! I had a sweet-chilli chicken twister, SMALL chips and a strawberry crush. I still prefer home-cooked meals 🙁 We sat at a window seat with a view which overlooks the beach and mountain. Even though the day was quite grey, it still looked amazing.




Once we filled our tummy’s, it was time to walk it off, before heading back home.

Why should I exercise?

Living a healthy, balanced life is important. I’m not saying jog and eat junk everyday. Once in a long while is okay! I do understand trying to exercise after a day at work is very difficult, as you just got home, had dinner and it feels like all the energy was sucked out of your body. But I guarantee you, do any form of exercise for 20min daily and you will feel more energised and be able to get more done in your day.

What form of exercise do you do? Comment below 🙂 Until next time, keep fit and stay healthy!