Colourful South Cotton Suits and New Neck Designs

Multicolored Silk Cotton Patiala Suit SLMZN1321 u Colourful South Cotton Suits and New Neck Designs

New South Cotton Suits Neck Designs

If you live in the South, you would want to view the latest south cotton suits and neck designs which accompany it. Girls in the South love wearing their traditional clothing  and we thought of sharing the fashion from the South with you. If you are from the South and want to have a look at some of the latest Northern eastern wear designs, check out my previous article on the umbrella anarkali designs .

When I hear India, the first thing which comes to mind is Bollywood. Bollywood is North Indian style and is given the most attention. India is divided into the North and South India. North India has a huge following especially Bollywood and the actors. I have to admit, I am a follower of North Bollywood fashion, style and actors, not o mention the movies. I have noticed the difference in dressing with the north and south. They both wear traditional clothing and might even have the same names. The most common differences which you will notice is the colours and fabrics used in the outfits. The northern saris are made from cotton and sheer fabrics, while the South makes saris from banaras which is a heavier cotton and a stiffer fabric which makes it difficult to achieve the following effect of a sari. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen beautiful banaras saris. In actual fact, I was looking for fabric for a dress to be made and came across a banaras sari with stunning gold borders. The colour of the sari was bottle green and black. I thought it would be great for a winter outfit.

The Cotton Suits Of The South For Everyday

Many girls wear the cotton suit everyday as it is not too fancy and it is easy to wear. You want to wear different styles, maybe with a different neck designs, as the round or square neck can become quite boring. A simple change like a neck design to an outfit can instantly bring about a new look. A different neckline will work wonders, depending on what you want to achieve. A Chinese collar is a closed neckline which doesn’t show any skin and you neck is completely covered. This might not be desirable if you have a fuller face. I love the boat neckline. It creates a longer neck and gives your face a slimming look. Then you get the cowl neckline which has extra fabric hanging loosely around the neck. This is perfect for winter as you would want extra coverage from the cold weather. I think out of all the necklines available, I try not to buy outfits with the V-neck, as this would always require an undertop or maxi scarf to be worn and in the hot summer months, especially in Cape Town, where temperatures reach 38  degrees on a normal summer’s day, it would be too hot to handle.

Images of Simple South Cotton Suits and Necklines

south cotton suits neck designs latest-indian-pakistani-best-neck-line-gala-designs-for-girls-2017-2018 south cotton suits neck designs

Fancy South Indian Suits With Different Neck Designs

south cotton suits neck designs blue-patch-and-chanderi-cotton-churidar-salwar-kameez-800x1100 south cotton suits neck designs south cotton suits neck designs

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